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Iris Zenker

Support / Practise

Coaching- an often read and probably more often heard word, is very populare, but also already exhausted.

Showing and questioning used behaviors and regular customs. Emerging new inner images, encouraging, creating new styles, awakening the passion of trying out new ways which is not easy to dare for men or women.

Developing and keeping humour in thorny situations. Be fertile and passionate with yourself. Be spontaneous in your daily routine and have fun with it. Be astonished of yourself, be surprised, be inspired and inspire others. Conclude new agreements, not only with business partners, but with yourself, live in harmony or take the freedom to turn and go away.

For people who recognised that it would be prosperous to have professional company privatly or jobwise. I will be there.

If you are looking for a woman who advises you individual, liberal, straight, heartful and with a lot of humour: well, here I am.

Small or large groups…indiviuals… everything is possible.

Got curious? Interested? Go forward and come in contact with me by writing or calling. I am ready for almost everything.